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Homemade Blueberry Parfait

Who says desserts can’t be healthy and delicious!  We are always looking for ways to incorporate fruits and veggies into every meal and snack so that we eat a rainbow of produce everyday.  One of our favorite desserts happens to feature one of our favorite fruits…blueberries!!!!  Blueberries have been called a superfood…in our house we call them brainfood!  So what better to include in a dessert?!  This is an quick and healthy dessert to whip up!

Blueberry Parfait


We like to use frozen blueberries and layer up a glass with homemade granola and Greek yogurt!  You can add a little bit of vanilla to plain Greek yogurt to give it a little sweetness.  Making your own granola is really easy and a great recipe to make with your kids!

Happy Healthy Eating,


Kia Robertson is a mom and the creator of the Today I Ate A Rainbow kit; a tool that helps parents establish healthy habits by setting the goal of eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day. Kia is passionate about creating tools that help parents raise healthy kids!

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