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31 Days of {Green!} Giveaways: Day 1

by Corey

Welcome to Day #1 of our

31 days of {Green!} Giveaways

Today’s question: “What do you love MOST about Autumn?”


Are you as excited as we are? Today is the kick-off to our month-long, trick-or-treating party for parents!

Just knock on our door (AKA blog) each day, answer the daily question (in lieu of shouting, “Trick or treat!” – although you are totally welcome to write that as well) and you’ll be entered to win some absolutely fabulous, ever-so-eco-friendly prizes.

Today’s prizes are worth $60!

Here’s what we have for October 1, 2011…

Gift certificate for (lead-free, mineral-based) Face Paints Set from Terrafirma Cosmetics. Value $24.99. Ships to continental US only.


One set of three (3) Preserve Jr. Toothbrushes. Value $10. Continental US only.



Today I Ate a Rainbow Kits: Contains an interactive chart that uses colorful magnets to track daily consumption of a rainbow of fruits and veggies, a color coded shopping list and a children’s book called The Rainbow Bunch. Value $25. Continental US and Canada only.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Add your e-mail address to the comment login, below. (We cannot notify you if we don’t have your e-mail address!)

2. Add a comment (one per e-mail address) with your answer to the question above.

3. Comment must post before 11:59pm PST – TONIGHT

Be sure to review our giveaway rules here. Please note shipping limitations.

Be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook & Twitter for daily reminders & updates for the 31 Days of {Green} Giveaways promotion.

Good luck & have FUN!

(see you tomorrow ;) )

Green Halloween® is a nationwide non-profit initiative started by mother-daughter team Corey Colwell-Lipson and Lynn Colwell. In 2010, Green Halloween became a program of EcoMom® Alliance and has events in cities across the U.S.

36 Responses to “31 Days of {Green!} Giveaways: Day 1”

  1. Jamie C Says:

    I love a fire in the Chimnea, while snuggling with my honey, with a cup of mulled cider in my hands.

  2. Clare Says:

    I love driving through all the vineyards around Lodi and watching the leaves turn colors…

  3. Dawn Burton Says:

    There are innumerable things I love about Autumn, but if I have to choose what I love MOST, I am always in absolute awe over the incredible Autumn displays of freshly snow-topped mountain peaks that rise high into the crisp blue sky, above the gloriously golden leaved trees. I completely adore nature and all its beauty <3. :)

  4. Evaliz Says:

    Love how the leaf changes color and one more time nature said ” look at me”

  5. Tanja Says:

    I love the sunny days, cool evenings, blustery winds and how crisp everything feels!

  6. Suzi Patel Says:

    I love the slight dip in temperature to make my morning runs easier!!

  7. tracey byram Says:

    I love that it´s cool enough to turn the air conditioner off and open the windows. Fresh air and saves me money on the electric bill.

  8. Amber Saxby Says:

    I love the change in weather and the beautiful colors! Getting ready for Halloween w/the kids!

  9. Heather Keane Says:

    “trick or treat”

    Hi Eco Mama’s ,
    We are so excited about this fun month! Our Event is in one week from today! I’d love to hear some feedback from other events!
    Thanks Corey and your team for making this possible and for making it easier for us to be “GREEN THIS HALLOWEEN!”


  10. Ann E Says:

    I love putting on an extra layer for my walks to school with my daughter.

  11. Stefanie Says:

    I love Halloween, the community-building tradition of trick-or-treat (get to meet your neighbors, and be silly too!)

  12. Erin Says:

    I love when the leaves start changing colors, the chill in the air feels amazingly refreshing and gets me excited for homemade soups and spending the fall days with my children. Ohhh and for our annual pumpkin carving contest.

  13. marimar olmo Says:

    I love the fresh cold air, having outside playtime with the kids, getting warm clothes and having quality and Family Time! Nice Wine, Tapas, Good TV and cuddle @ Nite!

  14. marimar olmo Says:


  15. Jo James Says:
    What I love most are the smells of Autumn! Apple cider warming on the stove, a fire in the fireplace, homemade soup and fresh bread, and that wet fallen-leaf smell when going for walks in the crisp cool air. Mmmmm. . . . :)

  16. courtney south Says:

    I like autumn because of the cooler weather and the fact you can layer your clothing!

  17. Laura Perkins Says:

    I love snuggling up under a blanket to watch a movie in Autumn!

  18. Haylie Langwald Says:

    I love the smell in the air, of baking and leaves and cold wind. I love snuggling under a blanket on a cool night, and I love being able to cook all day without having a sauna in my kitchen.

  19. Yvonne Says:

    I look forward to warm apple cider and pumpkin pie in Autumn. I love getting ready for Halloween too!

  20. Dana Says:

    Trick or Treat! I love stomping on crunchy leaves!

  21. Lisa Says:

    Autumn weather is wonderful!

  22. Robin O Says:

    Autumn just has an amazing aura…cooler weather, gorgeous foliage, apple-picking, football games…it is my favorite season for so many reasons!

  23. Paige Says:

    All of the things, like scenic drives and bonfires, that make brings my family together

  24. candi Says:

    Pumpkin picking & decorating the house for Halloween!

  25. Jodi Says:

    Our annual Columbus Day weekend with close friends.

  26. Stephanie Says:

    Enjoying warm drinks instead of iced drinks, the smell of fall :)

  27. shannon Says:

    I love the cool fresh air and the crunch of the fallen leaves under my feet! We also LOVE decorating for Halloween =)

  28. Cynthia Says:

    I love hanging out with my family sipping tea with fire going:)

  29. Jody Says:

    Making my secret recipe for Apple pie after picking at our local organic apple farm then watch and listen to my family enjoy it.

  30. Emily Says:

    Watching the trees begin to change.

  31. Ciana Says:

    Taking my favorite month (born in it ;-) to give back to others. –Thank you, Green Halloween!

  32. Erica Says:

    I love the cooler temperatures, changing color of the leaves and getting my kids outside for playing!

  33. denise Says:

    I love the vivid colors of the leaves against the blue-gray color in the sky.

  34. corey Says:

    … And the winner of Day #1….

    Erin! Thank you, Erin, for your comment: “I love when the leaves start changing colors, the chill in the air feels amazingly refreshing and gets me excited for homemade soups and spending the fall days with my children. Ohhh and for our annual pumpkin carving contest.” We couldn’t agree more!

    And thank you, everyone, for entering! Be sure to check back in with us daily through Halloween, for your chance to win more eek-o-fabulous prizes.

    Enter Day #2 (10/2/11) here:

    Best witches,
    The Green Halloween Team

  35. Heather Keane Says:

    Autumn… Yummy colors, yummy food, and getting cozy! How fun!

    Happy October!

  36. Vivian Says:

    The leaves! I love it when I find a big pile to drive through, then I look in my rearview mirror and watch the leaves dance! It puts a smile on my face every time!