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Candy Alternatives 2013

Okay, so you’ve decided to make your Halloween a green one. You don’t want the trick-or-treaters or party guests coming to your house to ingest any GMOS, dyes, or preservatives. Good for you! Welcome to the Green Halloween movement. So now you’re thinking, “What the heck should my kids eat instead?”  We know it’s tough to sift through all the options, so we at Green Halloween have prepared a stellar list of candy alternatives for you.


1. Honest Kids – Honest Tea Drink Pouches

Trick-or-treating through the whole neighborhood can really work up a sweat! Keep the kids hydrated by passing out an Appely Ever After or Berry Berry Good Lemonade. Each pouch is only 40 calories and sweetened with only fruit juice. Plus, Honest Tea participates in the TerraCycle program!

2. Nature’s Path Bars

These granola bars are chock-full of whole grains, protein, and fiber. They also have a gluten free selection. Their best-selling Pumpkin-N-Spice bars goes perfectly with the holiday. Nature’s path is certified by the Non-GMO project. Nature’s Path doesn’t see why healthy food should be boring and tasteless, and we whole-heartedly agree!


The company’s selection of LÄRABARs , über bar, and ALT bar, are all delicious, and all nutritious. Each LÄRABAR flavor contains no more than 9 ingredients. In addition, LÄRABAR participates in both the TerraCycle program and the Non-GMO project.

4. Bare Naked Fruit Snacks

Bare Fruit snacks are a series of baked apple, mango, and apricot chips. And get this; they are 100% carbon neutral. With apples straight out of Washington State, when Bare Naked says “naked,” they mean it! No added sugar or preservatives.

5. Kind Snacks

The lip-smacking combo of whole nuts, fruits, and whole grains are sublime. Kind believes that if you can’t pronounce and ingredient, it shouldn’t go into your body. Family Circle Magazine even named Kind bars one of the best snacks for kids.

6. Plum Organics: Mashup & Jammy Sammy

Plum Organics minimal processing ensures that the fruit has the highest nutritional value possible. The Jammy Sammy is an organic cereal bars filled with delicious fruit. There’s no high-fructose corn syrup in these babies. Mashups are fruit purée snacks that come in 12 awesome flavors.  Both these snacks come in BPA-free recycled packaging.

7. Bumble Bar Minis

Bumble Bars are scrumptious rice snack bars. They come in 14 different flavors – nutty, fruity, or chocolaty goodness! Their Juno Bars come in similar flavors, but are made with protein-rich quinoa. Bumble takes pride in their commitment to people and the planet. They buy from local co-ops and farms, monitor their waste levels, and even use cornstarch packing peanuts in when shipping products.

8. Barbara’s Snackimals Cookies

These nibbles take animal crackers to a whole new level. With 6 flavors like snickerdoodle and double chocolate, we are going Ape! Barabara’s has been committed to providing customers with healthy, wholesome food for over 40 years.

9. Health Warrior Chia Bars

Chia seeds powered the Aztec Empire, and now they will power you and your little warriors on your trick-or-treating expedition. Chia is the “ultimate superfood,” and Health Warrior has harnessed the power of chia into 6 flavored snack bars.

10. Seasnax Seaweed

I know, I know, you might be a little shocked that we’re suggesting you give away seaweed on Halloween. BUT, seaweed is the vegetable of the sea; it is mineral rich and low in calories. Plus Seasnax has a variety of flavors (Chipotle and Toasty Onion for new recruits and RAW for diehards). So jump right in, the water’s fine.


For more ideas, check out our Candy Cheat Sheet. Or, check us out on Facebook or Twitter @greenhalloween

One Response to “Candy Alternatives 2013”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Thank you for the list. I own Goodie Bag Marketing and I create goodie bags for events. The contents of the goodie bags are presenting different businesses to advertise in there. Anyways, I always do amazing goody bags for the kids and this year I’ve been thinking hard as I want these goody bags to be healthier. Thank you for the list of great companies. I will be checking out each of these companies.